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Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler is a successful entrepreneur, and finance professional, based out of New York. Again, Jonah Engler has achieved a lot, from being a popular Wall Street stockbroker, developing startup ventures, and starting and expanding a mobile franchise company, and of course focusing on philanthropic activities like initiating the Jonah Engler Grant to help the poor students in America, who cannot pay for their higher education fees.

Also, Jonah is also a coffee enthusiast and loves the aroma and flavor of the beverage and at the same time, he has much knowledge about investments, and keen on assisting public and private firms to grow and expand both big and small businesses.

Jonah Engler focus.

Jonah Engler Silberman has learned much and gained his savvy entrepreneurial insight through his wide experience. However, he is always eager and happy to help new startup companies and keen on connecting with people with a philanthropic attitude.

Feb 15, 2023

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Feb 28, 2023



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charitable work

In addition, Jonah Engler got involved with charitable activities since he was a kid, and when his mom worked for the United Federations of Teachers or UFT.

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Got Involved

His first job involvement with UFT was as an employee assistant, and it gave him the determination and spirit later to come up with the noble cause of the student scholarship program.

Jonah Engler

To be candid

Moreover, Jonah Engler is fully aware that the cost of high education fees for higher studies is impossible for the economically deprived students to bear, who do not hail from rich families.

Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler Blog

Also,To be candid, students coming from average families need to opt for high-interest education loans unlike their rich peers, who do not face any funding issues. In conclusion, That’s why the Jonah Engler Grant was introduced by him, which is a merit-based reward for the most deserving student to help him or her pursue advanced studies in the US.

Jonah Engler Talks about the Eight Best Qualities of a Philanthropist

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