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Explore Expert Tips by Jonah Engler for Keeping the Spark Alive In Your Relationship

The thrill and ecstasy of a new relationship are unmatched and sure to make you feel happy like never before says Jonah Engler. As the freshness of the relationship makes way for monotony, there are chances of your relationship going sour. You or your partner may gradually start losing interest in each other. Love, undoubtedly, is a divine feeling, and you can never be left unmoved when Cupid’s arrows strike, but you must know how to nurture it. This truly wonderful feeling called love needs to be constantly tended, to make it more fulfilling and of course, everlasting. Caring thoughts, sweet romantic gestures, and an unbridled display of emotions can go a long way to strengthen your bond and make your heart grow fonder with each passing day.

Show No Hesitation in Demonstrating Your Love

Even though both of you may have changed with time, you should keep trying to infuse some previous flirtation techniques you used in your early courtship days. It will go a long way in reminding you of the sweet old times spent with your beloved. Jonah Engler firmly believes that flirting is best for keeping the spark alive in your romance.Keep in mind that it is not only important to love someone, it is equally important to make him understand how much you care. 

Remember to verbalize your feelings of love and affection. Always express your feelings through words. Express the depth of your feelings by doing simple things like telling him “I love you”, sending him flower bouquets accompanied by passionate love notes, writing love letters and poems, etc. Shower him with gifts even when he is least expecting them. Take some time out from your hectic schedule to email him, to tell him that you are missing him, to send him songs that remind him about the romantic times you had together, especially when you are in a long-distance relationship.

It pays to remember that all relationships go through ups and downs. Yours will not be an exception. However, focus on deepening the love and fortifying the bond between you and your partner. Demonstrate your unwavering love for your partner through thoughtful gestures and romantic messages.

Come up with Sweet Surprises

Keep coming up with sweet surprises. Give a thoughtful gift, plan a weekend getaway, or cook his favorite dishes.Think about serving your love on a platter. Resort to the age-old trick by cooking your way to your beloved’s heart. Compensate his hard day’s work by cooking mouth-watering dishes that are his hot favorites. Surprise him with a candle-lit dinner. Do not forget to serve his preferred drink. Romantic music playing in the background adds to the ambiance. Most importantly, make sure that you tell him how much you enjoy his company. 

Send your partner flowers or balloons, not just on special occasions but even on a regular day just like that! It will show him that he is always on your mind and every day with him is a special day for you. Turn on your charm and be at your best courtship behavior. Focus on scheduling date nights now and then.

Look Good To Make Him Feel Good

Make a little effort to look beautiful and welcoming when he’s back from work every day. Wear an alluring perfume and even his favorite color to stir up his passion. When you accompany him to parties, dress the way he prefers and according to the occasion. He would certainly feel proud when others compliment him. If you are planning a wild evening with your beloved, put on your seductive best says Jonah Engler.

Boost His Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Try and appreciate his point of view and abide by his decisions without getting into an ego battle. Allow him to make his own decisions, and do not impose your will on him. On difficult days, be at your diplomatic best as otherwise, arguments could go out of hand. At times, even go out of your way to congratulate him on wise decisions.   

Love Him, Love His Family and Friends Too

Invite his near and dear ones to get-togethers as this will enable you to know more about them, their hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes. In turn, they would also get an opportunity to bond with you. Caring for his family will certainly ensure you a permanent place in his heart. Take care to allow him enough space so that he can enjoy the company of friends without you dominating and planning his every move.

Be Non-Judgmental in Your Approach

Your partner should feel free to share some sticky topics and discuss uncomfortable issues with you. It is best to create the right ambiance at home. Motivate your partner to speak his mind without worrying about being judged. You should handle tough conversations with patience and wisdom. Do not exert your opinion or views on him. Your partner has the right to express his feelings, desires, and wishes. As an adult, you should respect his decisions and welcome his suggestions. You should show interest in whatever he wishes to discuss or share with you. Reserve your views for some other time. You can express your viewpoint but do not impose it on him.

Spending Time Apart Helps

It is a good idea to take a break and stay away from your partner from time to time. Everybody loves and requires their space. It is best to enjoy quality time with your partner, says Jonah EnglerRespect your partner’s need for space. You too should have some me-time. Too much proximity could destroy a relationship. Separation is as crucial as togetherness. ‘Absence always makes the heart grow fonder.’ You should have your own space and time to nurture your interests, and hobbies, and boost personal growth. Take some time off and go for a walk alone or read alone.


It is wonderful to be in a special relationship. However, it is equally challenging to keep the spark alive even after many years of togetherness. Always remember that it takes a lot of effort and time to nurture a passionate and healthy relationship down the line.

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