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Finding The Willpower To Lose Weight – Jonah Engler

You may have thought about joining the gym on Monday. Or also, about starting your diet – that too, from Monday. With many Mondays passing through, it is about time that you realize it is now or never. If you are trying to lose weight, remember that you cannot do it in a day, and you need to be consistent in order to achieve your desired results.

People tend to lose their willpower and get back to their old habits pretty fast; the chocolates call out to them and ruin their diets. The late-night parties tend to destroy their early morning gym schedules. It is very important that when you make up your mind about losing weight, you stick to it.

Here are some tips by Jonah Engler that can help you give a little boost to your willpower so that you can lose weight this time:

1.   You Can Do It – Jonah Engler

You can, and you will do it. Repeat this phrase till it is ingrained in your mind. You need to believe in yourself in order to succeed in anything. Boost your willpower by believing in yourself.

Before the day starts, make the entire plan of your day and stick to it. Keep reminding yourself that you can do it every time that you think that you are slipping.

2.   Your Goals Should Be Realistic – Jonah Engler

A quick way to deplete all your willpower is by setting unrealistic goals. So, in order to prevent that from happening, you need to make sure that the goals that you set are realistic, clear, and measurable.

For instance, you can set goals for how much weight you need to lose in a month. Choose a target that you can achieve and work towards it on a regular basis. If you aim too high and then fail, it can dampen all your progress.

So, set goals that are achievable and work on them with consistency and strength so that you can achieve them in your set time.

3.    Stay Away From Temptation – Jonah Engler

You need to make sure that you try to stay away from temptation. While the chocolates may be calling your name, you need to make sure that you do not fall into their sweet and delicious trap. Try not to test your willpower much, and instead, donate or toss out all the unhealthy options from the house. Make sure that your house is a healthy sanctuary without any risk of temptations.

Your family may have some things that you can not eat, so make sure that you don’t see them much, or put them all in a separate cabinet that you do not use. This will help you in staying away from temptation and will bring you closer to your goals.


These are the three ways to boost your willpower, according to Jonah Engler. Follow them so that you can lose weight and reach the desired goals as soon as possible.

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