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How to Love and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Yourself – Tips For a New You by Jonah Engler

Human beings are naturally social and try to form good and fulfilling relationships with the world around them, including their family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, society, and even nature says Jonah Engler. However, since these things are real and tangible, it is easier to build good relationships with them and disregard what they can readily perceive, like God or even self. All of us are no strangers to our relationships developing complications.

We often don’t realize that trying to set right what’s broken outside is impossible without us working on what is inside us. According to experts on the subject, the foundaation of a successful relationship is only possible if we build a strong relationship with ourselves. Accepting who you are and loving yourself is a lot of hard work involving a process of self-reflection. However, it is essential for flourishing in other areas of your life. Some handy tips for building a healthy relationship with your inner self:

Identify and Eliminate Negative Opinion of Yourself

There is a voice inside your head that guides your decisions; however, in many people, the inner voice does them more harm than good by telling them that they are not good enough or not capable in some way or the other. In some people, the inner voice may be loud, while in others, it can be in the subconscious. With little effort, you can find out if the negativity generated by your inner self is getting in the way of achieving success. Once you know the reason for your failure to feel good, you can start taking appropriate action.

Do Things to Please Yourself

If you introspect, you will discover most of what you do is for pleasing other people and not yourself, says Jonah Engler. The habit is so ingrained that many people forget what makes them happy, and they equate their happiness with that of others. One of the most effective ways of beating this syndrome is to start making decisions that benefit only you. It could be as simple as seeing a movie you always wanted to or going on a short vacation. You may find it easier to decide for yourself when you move out of the shadow of people who usually influence all your decisions.

Appreciate and Be Grateful To Your Body

Most people take their physical health for granted till they fall ill or suffer an accident that causes them pain and restricts them from enjoying life as they knew it. While there is no doubt that you can take care of your body with a healthy diet and working out, being grateful to your body is more than food and fitness. You must take the time to appreciate the vital function of your body because it and its various organs are vital for a healthy and happy existence. Some of the things you can do to appreciate your body are eating a balanced diet, paying attention to fitness, meditating, practicing yoga, and taking care of your physical health.

Be Compassionate To Yourself 

The importance of showing compassion to people and animals around you is inculcated into many people from an early age, which makes us assume that the sentiment is to be reserved only for others. However, if you are your own worst critic, you can be sure you are in a crowd because it is common in contemporary society. One way to get out of this hole is to be conscious about it and step back the next time you find yourself being harsh on yourself and imagine you are dealing with a friend.

You will be surprised to discover that, in all likelihood, you will be more empathetic and compassionate to the friend than to yourself. On the other hand, picture a friend talking to you in the way you do to yourself, and you can be sure both of you would not be friends for long. You can be more at peace with yourself and not get distracted by constant internal strife by showing more compassion, says Jonah Engler.

Desist From Judging Others

It is natural to form opinions about others, even if they tend to be unkind. If you don’t speak out about your judgmental thoughts, you will want to stop them because they can disturb your mental equilibrium. Even if you do not need to be mortified by being judgmental, it is not a habit you will want to encourage. Being negative is not always about other people but more about your well-being. It is also important to understand that when you are expressing an opinion about somebody, it also says something about your attitude. More importantly, there may be some insecurity you may want to hide. However, when you think kind thoughts and do kind deeds, you will be more aware of your actions and thoughts.

Enjoy Some Me-Time Alone

Trying to think and attain internal peace can be difficult with so many distractions around you. It can be a good idea to take some time off to be alone to cut out the clutter and noise from your life to come to terms with your inner self. It is not necessary to invest a lot of time and money to go off on a vacation to an exotic place by yourself. Even if you are hard-press for time, you can always go off on a long drive or visit a seclude spot to fish or lie back alone with your thoughts. Being alone in a serene and quiet place is a wonderful opportunity to think about your life, where you want to go, and what is stopping you. Being alone with nature can give you the peace to get a grip on your life.


Developing a healthy relationship with yourself is not something you can do quickly explains Jonah Engler. It takes time and effort to recognize the problems you are having that are stopping you from being happy, healthy, and stress-free. However, as long as you acknowledge there is a problem and stop blaming yourself, you can start rediscovering yourself and loving yourself.

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