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How to Use Willpower to Quit Smoking – Jonah Engler

We have always heard people tell us that to be able to do something, we need to have strong willpower, but what exactly is willpower, and how can it help us get through roadblocks in our life? Well, simply put, willpower is just another name for your mental strength. Everyone has something they would like to change to get over – this is an innate desire for progression and self-improvement. However, no matter how much you want to do it, you can’t without the right amount of willpower and mental strength to keep you going.

Breaking out of old and bad habits is just not easy – many struggle to get rid of their bad habits for years only to have a relapse and go back to their old life. Jonah Engler says smoking is one of the most common and challenging bad habits to overcome. Hence, to be able to quit smoking, you need to have the willpower to live each day to force yourself away from it.

If you are a smoker and desperately looking for ways to get past this phase of your life, here are 3 tips by John on 17 to help you use your willpower – and quit smoking in no time.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Tips to Use Willpower to Quit Smoking

1.     Keep Your Brain Healthy

Your willpower or mental strength requires your brain to be healthy – only a healthy brain can have enough strength to resist the urges and not give in to cravings. If your brain is unhealthy, it will not perform to its abilities and will only make you more irritable and frustrated and push you toward short-term relief such as smoking.

Cigarettes themselves are drugs that contain stimulants to artificially “relax” your brain, which is why when trying to quit smoking, you experience withdrawal symptoms that can make you cranky. Hence, it is essential to keep your brain healthy by consuming healthy and regular meals that can help boost brain functioning and its ability to exercise willpower.

2.     Find Motivation

One way to enhance your willpower is to find something that will keep you motivated. Your motivation is the key to exercising willpower – unless you have something that motivates you to push yourself, you can never achieve your goal. When it comes to quitting smoking – your motivation can be your health or a loved one you want to see less worried. Focus on your motivation and see how your willpower strengthens.

Jonah Engler advises to look at the bigger picture and consider the outcomes and consequences of your actions if you wish to stay motivated. For example, if your health is your priority and you think smoking is coming in your way of becoming a healthy human being, look at the positive outcomes of quitting smoking and see how that becomes your ultimate motivation to stay on track.

3.     Maintain your Stance

Many people have reached the stage where they think they have finally quit smoking – only to fall back – and this time, it’s even worse. The actual test of your willpower is when you are trying to maintain being an ex-smoker – this is where the majority of people struggle. You need to exercise your willpower and strengthen it enough to maintain your stance of being an ex-smoker and never picking up a cigarette again. Some ways you can do that are:

  • Avoid the temptation or craving.
  • Keep yourself distracted
  • Distance yourself from smokers – avoid passive smoking as well.
  • Maintain a healthy eating and sleeping routine
  • Do something better when you feel the urge to smoke
  • Workout and getting into sports –  sweating out the toxins helps a lot

Jonah Engler: Quit Smoking Using Willpower

Jonah Engler says your willpower is the strongest force you can apply to turn your lie around – given that you exercise it right, maintain your stance and work toward strengthing your willpower. If you are a smoker who thinks it’s impossible to get out of this habit – don’t worry. Exercise your willpower, and you will find yourself in a better place in no time.

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