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Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your disturbed mind. Not only meditation will help you relax, but the process is also beneficial for your health explains Jonah Engler. Meditation is an effective process of training your mind to redirect and focus your thoughts. 

Nowadays, the popularity of meditation is increasing rapidly. Due to their various health benefits, people now focus on meditation to improve both their physical and mental health. 

Meditation will also help increase the awareness of your mind and body so that you can be aware of your surroundings. Many people prioritize meditation to develop concentration and reduce stress. People also go through various meditation processes to develop other beneficial feelings and habits such as self-discipline, positive outlook and mood, a healthy sleeping cycle, and even increased pain tolerance. Here are some great health benefits of meditation. 

Jonah Engler Says Meditation Can Reduce Blood Pressure 

One of the best health benefits of meditation is that the processes will help you reduce the blood pressure level of your body. Meditation is extremely effective at reducing strain on the heart. As a result, medication can improve physical health. 

Over time, a high blood pressure level will affect the blood pumping level of your heart. This will cause poor functionality of the heart. Additionally, high blood pressure levels can cause atherosclerosis, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. 

Various reports have proved that meditation will undoubtedly help a person reduce the risks associated with a heart attack. This is because meditation will help you reduce your blood pressure level. Proper meditating processes can also relax the nerve signals of your body. 

Can Control Pain 

Your tolerance of pain is directly connected to your state of mind. Therefore, your pain tolerance will be lower during stressful situations. 

Some reports advise that meditating daily will help your body and mind increase pain tolerance. In other words, mediation will help you control pain. 

Mindfulness meditation will not only reduce pain but also decrease the severe symptoms of depression and improved the quality of your life. This is why people with chronic pain should also incorporate mediation into their daily routine. 

Even though non-meditators and meditators both experience the same causes of pain, the meditators will always showcase a greater ability to cope with the painful experience. 

Improves the Sleep Cycle 

This is another great benefit of meditation you should know. In the United States, more than 15% of people struggle with the symptoms of insomnia. Scientists conducted various studies and proved that people who meditate daily have greater chances of falling asleep quickly than people who don’t incorporate meditation into their daily routine. 

As per Jonah Englerwhen you meditate properly, you will be able to control the negative or other types of thoughts during bedtime. These thoughts are the primary reasons why people can’t sleep and controlling these thoughts with the help of meditation processes will help you sleep faster. 

Additionally, your body will be relaxed. Upon releasing pressure and tension, you’re more likely to fall asleep quickly. 

Might Help You Fight Addictions 

Alcoholic beverages are undoubtedly addictive. They will not only affect your overall health but also destroy your quality of life. However, you will be able to develop great mental discipline through proper meditation that will help you reduce your dependencies on these alcoholic beverages. 

Research has proved that mediation help people redirect their thoughts, and emotions while also helping them realize the causes behind life obstacles. 

When you go through a proper meditation process, you will be able to decrease psychological distress as well as cravings for alcohol. Meditation can also help you decrease cravings for foods too. 

Can Generate Kindness 

Some specific types of meditations will help you increase positivity and kindness in your life towards others as well as you. 

Metta is one of the most famous meditation techniques that will help you develop kind feelings and thoughts towards yourself and your loved ones. Not to mention, metta will help you showcase your kindness even to strangers. 

Through proper practice, people can extend forgiveness and kindness externally. This form of meditation is capable of increasing the compassion of people towards themselves and others says Jonah Engler. In other words, when people spend more time at the metta meditation, they will start seeing the world from a different perspective. 

May Decrease Age-Related Memory Loss 

Clarity of thinking and improvements in attention will help you keep your mind fresh and young. There are various methods of definition that will allow you to chant the mantra in a repetitive motion. This improves the neuropsychological order of the brain. 

Furthermore, various reviews have proved that multiple methods of meditation can increase memory function, attention, and mental effectiveness in older volunteers. 

Apart from reducing age-related memory loss, meditation is also extremely helpful for patients suffering from dementia. Mediation will help them control stress. 

Can Increase Attention Span 

When you go through focused-mediation, you will be able to increase your attention span. This will help you enhance the endurance and strength of your attention. 

For instance, one research found that people who go through different meditation processes have improved their attention span compared to the people who don’t like to include meditation in their routine. 

Similar research also proved that mediation is effective at reversing the brain patterns that contribute to worrying, mind-wandering, and poor attention. Therefore, even if you meditate for a short period, it will still prove beneficial for your body and mind. 

Improved Self-Awareness 

This is one of the best benefits of mediation you need to know. Jonah Engler says some specific meditating methods will help you create a stronger understanding of your mind and body, allowing you to grow yourself through various challenges of life. 

For instance, self-inquiry meditating methods are primarily aimed at developing a greater sense of self-understanding. On the other hand, other forms will help you gain better awareness regarding the surroundings that will help you control your thoughts in more constructive patterns. 

When you practice tai chi, you will be able to improve self-efficacy. Which is the term used to describe the ability of a person to overcome various challenges. Additionally, meditation will also help you develop more problem-solving skills. 


These are some benefits of mediation you should know. Mediation is one of the best things. That will help you improve both the physical and mental state of your body. Meditation doesn’t require any special requirements or equipment. Therefore, you can start your meditation process anywhere you want. 

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