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Jonah Engler Talks about the Eight Best Qualities of a Philanthropist

A philanthropist walks the extra mile for the welfare and happiness of others through his or her services, donation, and charity. Philanthropists come from all occupations and socio-economic backgrounds. These people could be doctors, teachers, mentors, and even people from corporate firms.

According to an article published on, philanthropy is a unique field and people appreciate and praise those who work for the greater good of humanity. Philanthropists have many good habits and traits to make them different from others. First, humanitarians are the experts when it comes to working for the cause of people and communities. They believe in what they do and enjoy their work. Here are eight best qualities of a philanthropist:

1. Jonah Engler says philanthropists are sympathetic towards others

Humanists feel sympathetic and show empathy for people who struggle for existence. In their minds, these kind humanitarians feel that they should do something beneficial for the distressed to alleviate their sufferings in life. A philanthropist may have gone through the same challenges in life and therefore, understands when people are troubled or distressed. For example, when a humanist sees people starving, he or she arranges to get food so that they do not suffer due to hunger.

2. Selfless concern for others

As far as philanthropic people are concerned, they are altruistic, showing self-sacrificing concern for the betterment and happiness of others without thinking about any personal gain or interest. Humanitarians work determinedly for the greater good of people with no expectation of appreciation, recognition, or monetary benefit. No matter what philanthropists do, their work is for others and nothing for themselves. That’s why they are loved and adored by the poor and distressed in our society.

Philanthropists are not bothered about material comforts but always work hard for people in poverty and misery. To be candid, their life’s goal is to work hard for the uplift of the poor and underprivileged in the country so that they have the basic living conditions, food, clothes, shelter, and education.

3. Jonah Engler believes that philanthropists have vision and foresight

Individuals who want to make good changes in society have a clear vision and foresight. They can look for in the days to come. They do not think short-term but long-term for the welfare of others. Humanists like to do work that affects the world positively and beneficially. They look for permanent solutions and not temporary ones, directing their hard work and effort for the greater good of society as a whole.

Philanthropists know that to bring about considerable changes in the society, it is essential to deal with the fundamental problems through long-term solutions.

4. Socially aware

Philanthropists are more aware of societal issues than any common person is. These people embrace new ideas that are beneficial for others and oppose things that are detrimental to the poor folk of the country. For instance, Jonah Engler is aware that the higher education fee in the US is very expensive and students from poor families cannot afford the tuition costs of reputed colleges or universities in the country. That is why he has come up with a scholarship program to help students with prize money of $1,000.

It is the social awareness and understanding of the current education system in the US that made Jonah implement the scholarship program. The most deserving student who writes the best easy will get the grant money in their bank account. It will help them pursue higher studies at a college or university.

5. Philanthropists focus on problems and solve them

When it comes to successful humanitarians, they look for particular causes to support instead of depending on organizations first. Humanists identify the issues in society; observe what’s happening around them. Then, they look for associations that can help philanthropists support the cause and make their vision and goal a reality.

Philanthropists look for and identify specific organizations that could cope with one aspect of a crisis in the best possible way and then search for other support groups to focus on the other problems that might exist. Philanthropists have a holistic perspective of the problems and employ various ways to catalyze the changes for the greater good of the world.

6. Philanthropists have influential connections to support their cause

Bringing about societal changes is not easy and does not happen overnight. It takes connections and time to support a cause and implement the right changes. Working for the welfare of the people calls for some influence of powerful people to support a cause for the greater good. That is the reason why many humanitarians have connections with influential people like socialites and social workers, and NGOs.

Philanthropists understand that while it is essential to invest in welfare programs that tend to offer tangible outcomes, connections and influences matter too, as they help in greater development and progress of the society in the days to come.

7. Agenda-setting abilities

Humanitarians have exceptional agenda-setting abilities with the people or communities they like to work for and serve. Many philanthropists make important decisions related to people’s welfare and for communities, even if they know little or nothing about them.

A philanthropist knows how to allocate tasks to his or her team and set agendas accordingly. No one can work alone for the greater good of the people. People management is another skill besides setting agendas.

8. Determined and passionate

Real philanthropists are passionate and determined in what they do. They want to make a lasting impact on society. For example, if a humanist works for the welfare of ailing patients, cancer especially, he or she does not look for the easiest things but focus on the long-term benefits of these patients. They devote maximum time so that patients feel better and grow the will to live longer without feeling sad or depressed. Philanthropists do not leave a project midway but work hard until the successful execution of the project.


Philanthropists make a positive impact on people’s lives and they treat all humans equally. Community welfare is their key goal.

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