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Single Dad – Quiet Challenges That They Face As Per Jonah Engler

While being a single dad can be a rewarding experience, there are many challenges that the dads face regularly. With all the different experiences that they face, they need to make sure that they stay consistent and strong to overcome all the hurdles that come in the way.

Some quiet challenges that they may face are mentioned below:

1.  Custodial Problems – Jonah Engler

Dads might face problems in the custody of the child – even if they are really good with the kids. This is something that you need to sort out before everything. Communicate with the mother of your child and reach a solution for your child’s healthy mindset.

2.  Sleepover Troubles – Jonah Engler

Sleepovers are something that has been a part of children’s life for a long time. They go to each other’s house and enjoy the night while gossiping, eating snacks, playing games, and just having fun in general. When it comes to single dads, it is often seen that they have problems arranging a sleepover at their house due to the absence of a mom. This sometimes creates problems in relationships between the child and the single dad when the kid observes that no one comes to their house for a sleepover.

3.  Washroom Troubles – Jonah Engler

When it comes to little girls, the dads are faced with a choice of whether they should take them to the men’s washroom or the lady’s washroom. This is a problem due to the absence of family washrooms in most places.

Other than this, there is also an absence of changing tables in the men’s room. This causes problems in changing as the single dads usually have to change the diapers without a changing table.

4.  Wardrobe Troubles – Jonah Engler

It can often take time for single dads to learn how to raise daughters. Learning to make the perfect ponytails might take several attempts. Twisting french knots on their beautiful hair can also be hard for some, according to Jonah Engler. These things may require some time to settle into. They might even face problems in shopping for their daughters. Buying stuff that the little girls would love can sometimes be a hard thing. While they eventually do learn it all, it would take some time. Helping single dads during this time can be a great thing to do; just casually help out in this stuff, and they will eventually learn it all.

5.  Nurturing Problems – Jonah Engler

While the girls in teens started to babysit the little kids around the street to earn some bucks, the guys were encouraged to participate in activities related to sports. With these habits, the girls started developing nurturing skills from an early age, while the single dads might struggle a bit with it. They might find it hard to show their love and nurture sometimes. While this can be worked upon and can be fixed with patience, compassion, and understanding, it can still take some time.


According to Jonah Engler, while it can be daunting to be a single dad, you can make things easy as time passes on. You will learn to do everything slowly and steadily. Just believe in yourself and treat your kids with the love that they so deserve.

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