Welcome to Jonah Engler Grant Program

Jonah EnglerGrantis his noble initiative and Jonahwith years of experience in business and industry helps students in the US, who are looking for pursuing higher education in the country. However, these students do not come from rich or affluent backgrounds and therefore cannot pay for the exorbitant tuition fees of the colleges or universities in America. Jonah Engler has many years of leadership experience.

The Success of Jonah Engler Grant

His charitable work has succeeded because of his belief, hard work, honesty, and dedication. That is the reason why he has come up with the idea of Jonah EnglerGrant to help the most deserving and talented student.

Jonah Engler is knowledgeableabout the higher education fee in the US, the cost of the sameextremely high in comparison to the other nations around the world. The tuition cost of the students creates a hugechallenge when it comes to their enrollment in reputed colleges or universities of the country. That is because the tuition fees are unaffordable for the poor students coming from middle-class families in America.

Jonah Engler
Jonah Engler

The students who want to pursue a Master’s degree from America’s accredited college or university may get in touch with Jonah through email. Besides, he is also available to speak to the public, especially in the greater New York region.

Jonah Engleris popular for his leadership qualities, even more for his noble and sympathizing approach to help poor students, who cannot afford high tuition fees, with grant money of $1,000, provided a candidate is the most deserving and talented.

The Jonah EnglerGrant benefit

There are students in the US, who cannot opt for advanced studies due to lack of funds, and this grant money is just for them. The scholarship would benefit those who hail from middle-class backgrounds; the financial assistance beneficial for many years after a student wins the prize amount.

How Jonah got involved with charitable work

The costs associated with higherstudies in America are increasing constantly, the candidates, therefore, are forced to look for some kind of financial assistance. That is the reason why, Jonah Engler Grant offers financialhelp to them, who fail to afford higher education in the country. The scholarship program thus provides an amount of $1,000 to the most talented and brilliant student in the US.

The Jonah Engler Grant is a one-time financial aid for the sharpest and intelligent student who writes the best essay titled, “Are the teachings of the Buddha more or less relevant in the age of Covid-19.”Word count of the essay should be 800 words.


The student should complete some special requirements when applying for the Jonah EnglerGrant.

The student must be in a high school or college that is associated to a US-accredited or recognized university or college.

The most talented candidate must be a junior, sophomore,or freshman enrolled currently at a renowned college or university.

TheJonah EnglerGrant program must require students to write and submit an essay on the topic, “Are the teachings of the Buddha more or less relevant in the age of Covid-19.”


The Jonah Englerprogram would be offered to a student according to the assessment of the essays submitted and sent to Jonah.

Amount: The successful and winning student will get $1,000 prize money.

Deadline: May 1, 2021

  • The submission of the essayas well as the applications for theGrant Programwouldcontinue until May 1, 2021.
  • The final winner will be informed via an email on May 15, 2021.
  • The prize winner of the prize money would come up on www.jonahenglergrant.com

Application process

The student must submit his or her application including the essay through an email with a simple Word document attached to the same email at info@ jonahenglergrant.com.

Provide the following information


Postal Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The university or college you joined and accepted or planning to join.

Choosing the Winner

Merit and talent are the two major factors to be eligible for the prize money. The qualifying student must go through an evaluation process as per the essay penned. The essay should be elaborate and informative. The student, who wins will receive an email notification on May 15, 2021. The reward money will be sent to the triumphant candidate’s bank account after the assessment process is over.