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What & How Important is Personal Growth? – A Blog by Jonah Engler

Personal growth is the process of improving our abilities, knowledge, insight, values, actions, and personal traits. Personal development or growth allows you to reach your full potential, be your best possible version, and live your happiest and most prosperous life. Any mental, physical, or spiritual change is considered personal growth.

As per Jonah Engler, personal growth is not just about learning. Rather, it is about putting what you have learned into practice so that it reflects in your personality.

If you think there is more for you to learn about personal growth, keep on reading!

What is Personal Growth As Per Jonah Engler?

You hear a lot of people using the term “personal growth.” However, what does it really mean in everyday life? Personal development is a broad term that refers to efforts or actions that aim to improve your qualities, potential, competence, and quality of life. When you make an active attempt to improve yourself, you grow as a person, claims Jonah Engler.

Personal growth is important because it allows people to become their best selves. It also gives them the skills and confidence to tackle any situation that might arise. The faster and better you grow, the faster you can achieve your goals. Personal growth can teach you how to live a better and more fruitful life.

Now that we are clear on what personal growth is, let’s move on to why is it important

Importance and Benefits of Personal Growth in Our Lives

People often miss out on life’s hidden messages because they are just going through the same cycles again and again. This is when personal growth becomes vital to break through the constant loop. It is a conceptual shift that enables you to go on a meaningful journey of self-discovery and progress.

If you are looking for reasons to incorporate personal growth in your life, here are a few by Jonah Engler:

Helps Develop a Positive Mindset

Personal growth helps you to establish a positive approach to life, which is a big benefit. A person who is determined to learn will make mistakes along the way, but they will never give up. According to Jonah Engler, this positive mindset is what it takes to progress through life.

Improves your Present Skills

Taking a step back and evaluating your current abilities can give you the push you need to improve and polish them. Even if you fail in the short run, working on your skills and improving can set you up for long-term success. It is also one of the main reasons why personal growth is essential.

Sense of Direction

It might be challenging and stressful to figure out what your life’s purpose is and how to get there. Should you stay in your current job or look for another? Should you keep doing what you are doing or try something else? These are all very natural thoughts.

By developing a sense of direction, you will find it much easier to make decisions that you will not regret later on. You will also be able to focus your attention on positive improvements rather than thinking about whatever is not right in your life.

Final Thoughts

Personal growth helps in self-discovery by helping you to learn about your interests, goals, values, and beliefs. It helps you figure out who you want to be and then change into that person. It boosts your imagination. According to Jonah Engler, as you grow and develop, you learn more about yourself and progress more towards the life you want for yourself.  

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