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Why Should You Teach Your Kids About Love? Thoughts Shared by Jonah Engler

We are living in a world where every person has a different goal and desire. But if you look into the hearts of each person, you will find that most people have one thing in common – they all want love. You must have heard the saying, “Only love is real.” There’s no denying to this fact. And that is the reason why you need to teach your kids about love so that they grow up as compassionate beings who find it easy to be kind and loving towards others.

Often people think that expressing love is an act of weakness. That is far from the truth. In fact, most mental and physical ailments is because of an absence of love. Hence, you should teach your kids about love from an early age. Are you wondering why? Here are a few reasons by Jonah Engler:

  1. It will enable to become kind and compassionate

Do you think there would have devastating wars if people had love in their hearts? The answer is no. And the smallest forms of conflict start at mundane and random occasions. You might be surprised to know that kids can grow up with hatred in their hearts for their family members and friends because of unresolved fights and conflicts. You certainly don’t want your kid to be so. Hence, go ahead and show them the importance of love. That will enable them to forgive quickly and be more kind. That in turn will enable them to get connected with others with the same emotion and build a better world.

  • They learn about self-love

If you listen to what the recent mental health experts have to say, you will notice that most of them are of the opinion that self-love is crucial to all healing. When you start to teach your kid about love, they will realize the importance of self-love. When they start to love themselves, they will value themselves and have better self-esteem. They wouldn’t walk into situations that will make them compromise on self-love in their adult life. Often kids who aren’t comfortable with self-love develop toxic habits and relationships with others. You can put an end to this issue right at the start by teaching your kid about love when they are young. And when you teach this to them when they are young, it will become a part of their personality.

Finally, Jonah Engler says that teaching your kids the importance of love will make them better human beings. People always remember how they got treated. So, if your kid grows up to be a loving person, they can touch the lives of many. Also, as a parent, you can be proud of your kid because they understand the relevance of relationships and how to maintain them with love and care. A child who is aware of the importance of love will treat everybody else around them well and will also develop better leadership qualities. Love always makes a person wholesome and complete.

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