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Work-Life Balance: Jonah Engler Tips for New Moms

Managing kids and a career as a new mom is very difficult. Getting married and having a child in your life accounts for added responsibilities simultaneously, so it’s only natural if you are panicking or just too tired to get some time for yourself. Life with a baby is never the same, so the earlier you learn to manage your time, the better it is for you and your baby.

Jonah Engler explains work-life balance is essential for everyone. It becomes extremely vital when you are a mother because now your time needs to be divided between you and your baby. Today, we decided to share a few tips for new mothers to help them manage their time better and gain a healthy work-life balance with their baby in the equation.

Hence, this article is for you if you are a new mom juggling between work, house chores, and your baby’s responsibilities. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Jonah Engler 20: Work-Life balance tips for New Moms

Managing a family calendar and being organized can take you a long way. If you think managing a calendar is a waste of time and just another added responsibility, you might be wrong. A family calendar can actually save up a lot of time because you will be well prepared for your plans for your day. Moreover, Jonah Engler says if you live with your partner, this will make it easy for the two of you to track your schedules and take time out for your baby and house chores equally.

Don’t Hesitate in Getting Help

As a mother, it’s your right to make things easier for yourself and your baby – so don’t hesitate to get help for your baby. There are countless care homes around the country, and you can always find trustable nannies in your neighborhood. Hence, Jonah Engler suggests it’s better to hire a house help or nanny to divide your responsibilities instead of rushing through things and not being able to give your 100% to your job, house or baby.

Make a Schedule for Yourself

Your work-life balance does not only include your house chores and your baby but also includes your “me time.” Jonah Engler says that to be there for your child, you need to be mentally and emotionally fit, and it is only possible when you give yourself enough time. Hence, it is best to make a schedule and squeeze in time for yourself either at the end of the day or at least once a week to be your child’s happy and healthy mother.

Get Rid of the Mom Guilt

Mom guilt will never let you do anything other than take care of your baby, and you don’t want that. You need to understand that you cannot do it all, and you do need a break. So do not let anyone else shame you or put you into guilt for raising your child your way. Jonah Engler explains no one knows your priorities better than you; hence get rid of the guilt and work at your own pace.

Jonah Engler: Tips for Working Moms

Your kids may be your first priority – like they should be, but it doesn’t mean you can neglect everything else in your life. Your career, mental health, and social life are all equally important, and you must not give up on anything just because you have a child now. Hence, Jonah Engler says you should follow the tips mentioned above to maintain a healthy work-life balance in your life.

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