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You Can End a Relationship Gracefully – Jonah Engler Shares How to Bid Farewell to a Relationship

A relationship is the most beautiful thing that two people can have! But there are times when a relationship doesn’t stand the test of time and end up hurting the partners involved in it. Relationship experts suggest that it is necessary to end the relationship when this happens. And when people do that, they tend to blame their partner and get into a toxic argument that makes both come across as insecure and toxic. The truth is you can excuse yourself of all the drama and say goodbye graciously.

Do you want to end a relationship and have bitter memories of your partner? Do you think that your rage will take over you when you try to end the relationship? If yes, then this article can help you. Jonah Engler shares some valuable guidelines that will enable you to end your relationship in a graceful way.

  1. Talk it out

Most often than not, partners in a relationship do it ambiguously when they decide to part ways. They start to communicate in strange ways, which gives rise to more confusion and anger. It increases the conflict and makes it impossible for them to understand the issues that is creating the problem. Once you have decided that you want to move out from a relationship, you need to convey the same to your partner, in person and not through a mail or a text. So, go ahead and talk it out as you share your decision to move out.

  • Refrain from the blame game

A relationship is a two-way street. Until someone is cheating on you and has been a very toxic person, you need to realize that you could also be at fault. Hence, take time to assess your actions and don’t get into the blame game zone. If there are a few things that had upset you, point it out and share your sadness. It would help if you also shared the reason for which you don’t want to reconcile without blaming your partner. Also, you need to ensure that your partner is also not blaming you as you talk about your feeling about the relationship. Usually, blaming is a chain reaction. So, when you don’t do it yourself, the other person won’t do the same as well.

Last but not least, Jonah Engler says that you shouldn’t bad-mouth your partner once you have officially ended the relationship. It just reflects poorly on your part. It also shows that you are holding grudges against the person. Ensure that you don’t reveal your issues in public. That means don’t indulge in suggestive status messages on social media or texts after you have broken up. Take all your time to say all that you want when you are having a discussion about the break-up. But once it’s done, you shouldn’t harbor any negativity. It’s always best to address the issues, part ways gracefully and wish each other well for the future life. It will also ensure that you don’t hold on to any negativity.

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