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Zen Meditation Can Help You to Become More Mindful of Your Life – Views by Jonah Engler

Even though we live in a progressive world, we are always in the run and chase mode. It’s because almost everyone will have to be a part of the competition. Whether you are working at the office or at home, you need to complete your tasks at a time and always have a to-do list to address. This constant habit of doing something or the other often makes us behave like robots. We forget that life can exist beyond the laptop and the kitchen. And since we aren’t able to relax, we aren’t able to exercise mindfulness in life as well.

Often people wonder the reason for which it is essential to exercise mindfulness! If you have that question, this article is for you. The corporate world and life in general always keep us locked in auto-pilot mode. That means we are always acting in a predictable manner. It means we are involving very less part of our inner being. If you don’t want that to happen to you, it is essential to inculcate a mindfulness practice. And there’s nothing better than Zen meditation.

What is Zen Meditation

What comes to your mind when you think of the word Zen? It means a calm state of being, where there is harmony and balance. It is not possible for all to attain this state when you are leading ab urban life, getting engaged in a corporate job with personal chores to attend says Jonah Engler. But when you practice Zen meditation, you certainly can reap in the advantages of this meditation.

Practicing Zen meditation is easy. You have to sit at a quiet place and inhale and exhale in exact counts to arrive at a state of complete inner calm. You have to take short breaths as you inhale and exhale.

Today, Zen meditation is practiced by young and adult people. However, according to the latest research and studies, Zen meditation is becoming common amongst working professionals so that they are able to manage the stress and tension of life. Most people practice this meditation after they are done with a set of exercises or separately during the morning. Over time, Zen meditation has shown to be beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and borderline depression. You can choose what suits you well and practice it.

The help at hand

Jonah Engler says that you don’t need to worry if you are practicing Zen meditation for the first time. Today, there is ample help available. You can browse online and you will be able to have access to several downloadable videos that provide guided Zen meditations. It is a good place to start. In the beginning, you can practice 10 minutes of Zen meditation and increase it gradually. That aside, if you have a problem with sleeping, you can practice this meditation before going to sleep and experience a sound sleep.

Zen meditation enables you to relax and become mindful of your surroundings and your life. It allows you to lead your life better and stay in touch with your inner being.

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